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--- "If actors are the magic, then Bryan Wade is a wizard. He knows exactly how to draw out the very best in each performer."     - Ted Sharon, Head of Performance, the State University of New York-Fredonia


---“Bryan Wade is more adept at pinpointing and communicating to students the most impactful opportunities for musical interpretation than any vocal coach I have ever worked with. I can’t wait to have him back to work with my students again!” 

- Matt Nesmith, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the B.F.A. Musical Theatre Program University of South Dakota.


I offer on-site workshops for seniors in collegiate Musical Theater degree programs to help guide them through the transition from college student to young professional as they prepare to audition for NYC and other major Industry markets.  I assist not only in the selection of musical material, but also in the performance of a more effective and marketable audition. 


My resume is a unique combination of academic credentials (Ph.D. in Music) and over twenty years in NYC, active as Broadway Audition Accompanist, professional Vocal Coach and Musical Director/Conductor.


For many years I have played auditions for Broadway shows, musical directed in NYC Theater Festivals, regional theaters, as well as accompanied workshops for every major casting office in New York City.  This has allowed me to form professional relationships with many of the NYC casting directors and talent agents.


As a result, I have gained first-hand knowledge as to what is (and what is not) successful in the audition room.


--- I am in your corner.






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