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Audition Preparation


Having played auditions for Broadway, regional theatres, and theater festivals for many years, Dr. Wade has also accompanied workshops for every major casting office in New York City.  This has resulted in his forming professional relationships with many of the NY Casting Directors, as well as his gaining first-hand knowledge as to what is (and what is not) successful in the audition room.  


  • Role preparation (v.v., callbacks/appointments)


  • Accompaniment and Vocal Rehearsal Tracks


  • Audition Book Rescue 


Exploring new repertoire   - With access to hundreds of scores and vocal collections, Bryan Wade can provide the student with  a vast amount of repertoire resources. Also available is additional contact  information for supplementary repertoire (repertoire websites, composers'  email addresses and contact  information).


Re-vamping existing book


New repertoire suggestions


  • Transpositions -  finding the right key for your material

 - With a transposable keyboard at hand, Dr. Wade is able to explore and then determine the appropriate key for your audition material. Once the proper transposition is determined, you have the option of either:

- ordering material from various websites, or 

- hiring someone to transpose the material in a computerized format.   


  •         Vocal Technique


Having received extensive training in vocal pedagogy (with certification) as part of his graduate music degree studies, Bryan Wade began his first professional voice studio in 1990 while working on his Ph.D. at Catholic University in Washington, DC.  He has the academic knowledge and experience to identify a student's specific technical   challenge(s) and to offer solutions (by means of vocal exercises) with the aim of correction and improvement.




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